Advanced Settings on Yeelight Application

Support: Advanced settings on your Yeelight Application

Setting the Default State of your Ceiling Light.



Turning on the Flex Switch Function on your Application.

Yeelight SLISAON Flex Switch



What is Yeelight SLISAON Flex Switch?

FLEX switch, with SLISAON technology inside, aims at solving the user pain spot that when the wall switch is turned off, smart lights would be powered off, become off-line, and lead to the failure in smart control of the lights (App control, smart speaker control and remote control of the lights cannot be accessed with the lights are powered off).

With FLEX, the lights can remain online to ensure its smart control through the App or smart speaker, even after the wall switch turns off the lights. All the smart control operations with the lights, such as colour temperature adjustment, brightness adjustment, group control, etc. can be accessed.

Can Yeelight SLISAON Flex Switch control non-smart products?


Besides, FLEX can also control non-smart lights.

The FLEX is creatively designed with a little red-dot gadget inside to realize a convenient shift between the traditional wall switch supporting the non-smart lights and the smart wall switch supporting the control of the smart lights.

Meanwhile, FLEX has different models available, including one-gang switch, two-gang switch, and three-gang switch.


  1. Select the Ceiling Light
  2. Select the top right corner of the application to access the Settings of the Ceiling Light.
  3. Select 'Enable Flex Switch"
  4. Turn it on.
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