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If you are attempting to upgrade your home to a smart home for the first time, and feel that it is a insurmountable task, know that you are not alone. We are here to assist you from the planning of your space, lighting design to equipping your new home with furnishings and fittings that you may require at home.

We will help you to combine technological accessibility and aesthetic functionality for your new home.

Welcome Home.


Really appreciate your great service and helpfulness!

Mr. Ho. (RiverCove Residences)

Uncle Roger was very helpful with the installation. The lights were very nice. Originally wanted to get Aura 50W for bedroom for reading, but preferred a simpler design. Luckily the brightest intensity on Luna 320 also makes the cut. Did not regret purchasing Yeelight at all. It's very fun to play around with the different colours and intensity.

L Huang

Pretty impressed by Yeelight for its smart functions. Ordered the halo light and can't wait for it to arrive. Pricing is reasonable for a smart light. Particularly like the Bluetooth dimmer switch which is a stick on. No drilling or wiring needed. Excellent service from the Eugene who patiently explained and allowed us to try out the light functions.

Jia Yan Ng

Excellent customer service as compared to their competitor at The Commerze. In the midst of doing my reno now and we took a look at Yeelight products. The staff here are patient and knowledgeable. Will definitely come back to them to purchase the light fixtures.


Very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff

Andrew Aw

Awesome first demo from them, I also have a good time buying products from them. Overall service was great. But applications are only limited to yeelights

Lucas Ng

Superb invention! Now I can say ”Hey Google, good night!” and the light will just go off without me or my wife needing to play scissors paper stone!

Lawrence Tan

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