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Yeelight Crystal Mini LED Ceiling Light (Non-Smart)

Yeelight Crystal Mini LED Ceiling Light (Non-Smart)

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Introducing Yeelight’s Crystal Mini LED Ceiling Light; integrated with both motion and light sensor, the Crystal Mini Led Ceiling Light will help to conserve electricity by lighting up the room when it detects motion and when it detects motion.

- Light Sensor & Human Body Motion Sensor: The Crystal Mini uses a Fresnel Lens and infrared sensors to automatically turn on when it detects people come by. 150cm Infrared Radius.
- After 60 seconds, the light will automatically turn off if no motion is detected.
- The Crystal Mini also uses a light sensor to automatically turn off during the daytime, saving you electricity.
- Insect Proof: Porches and balconies attract many insects during the summer. With an insect-proof design, the Crystal Mini is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.
- High Color Rendering: With a color rendering index value of Ra90, The Crystal Mini captures the true, natural colors of your home. Place it in your walkways to capture the vivid colors of your clothes, furniture and plants.
- Flicker-Free Lighting: Soft lighting, no flash, high brightness, high CRI, perfect for residential and commercial use.
- High Bright :Provides 670 lumens brightness and 5700K Warm White glow, illuminating your night life.
- High Energy Efficiency: LED panel lights have a longer life. The maintenance rate is low and the reliability is excellent, saving electricity costs.
- Rated Power: 10W
- Working Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
- Working Current: 0.08A
- Sensing Range: 150cm ≤ R (Radius) ≤ 200cm
- Brightness: 670 LM
- Color Temperature: 5700K
- Color Rendering Index: Ra90
- Induction Module: Human body induction, Photosensitive induction
- Induction Time: 60s
- Dimensions: Diameter 250mm; Height 71mm
- This is not an app controlled light, that is, it cannot be used with any mobile phone app.
- The light will not light up in the daytime, it only when it is getting dark.

Service Center:

Yeelight Singapore @ 203 Henderson Road, Wing B #12-08, Singapore 159546

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