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Yeelight Flex Switch

Yeelight Flex Switch

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Looking for light switches that would not interfere with your smart home preferences? Check out Yeelight Flex Switch! You will be able to use both apps and switches without any disruptions. Our flex switches comes in 1 Gang/ 2 Gang/ 3 Gang. 


Flex switches ensures that even if you turned off the lights, the circuit does not break and you would be able to turn on your lights with your smart devices.

It involves a rebound switch, which is the physical switch that adds a spring, so that the switch would rebound. The function of the lamp with the use of the movement. This allows the lamp to stay on line even when the lights are turned off, and can be controlled remotely via a mobile APP.

In the Yeelight app, for supported devices, you would have to activate the flex switch function. 

Once that is done, each press on the flex switch, will send a signal to the light to turn on/off. In this always on mode, the light switch will auto bounce back.
The switches can also work in traditional mode like normal switches. So if you want to wire it to a non-Yeelight light, it is possible as well.

Yeelight Flex Switch (is always in 'on' mode), meant to keep the light online.
Even when you turn off the lights using the flex switch, the light is always online. 
Always 'on' mode only works with certain Yeelight products. 

Yeelight Flex Switch (in traditional mode) works like normal switch.
Once you turn it off, there is no power to your lights and the light goes offline. 
Works with normal lights or ceiling fans as well.



Model Number: YLKG12YL / YLKG13YL /  YLKG14YL

Item: YEELIGHT Flex Switch

Input Voltage: 250V/16A

Rated Power: 3W

Size: 86 mm x 86 mm x 39 mm 

Colour: White 

Additional Specifications: Neutral Wiring not required


Service Center: 

Yeelight Singapore @ 32 Kallang Pudding Road Elite Industrial Building 1 #03-04 Singapore 349313


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