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Yeelight Smart Light Panels

Yeelight Smart Light Panels

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Hi! Are you looking for a smart light panel with over 16 milliion color combinations? Introducing Yeelight’s Smart Light Panel! Fluid flow with 16 million colors using App Control. Compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings. For the gamers out there, the colors sync with Razer Chroma RGB.
Unique design options, with lights that dance to both music and game.

*CONTROLLER: You can toggle between the different light setting using the controller attached. These features includes Music mode where the light changes with the music rhythm, automatically picking up surrounding sounds 
*IMMERSIVE MODE: Directly access the computer using the given "Y" audio connection cable, where you can put on headphones and open the immersive acoustic-optic space, as the panels changes according to your computer audio.

* COLORS-CHANGING: It have 16 millions versatile colors optional, Combine your favorite music with family lighting, feel the rhythm of light, allow you dance with light and music. (Download YEELIGHT app); Brightness dimming, comfort dimming brightness from 0-100%. 

* SWITCH LIGHTING FROM PRESET SCENES: From blue to orange, night light to high brightness, just use preseted scenes in YEELIGHT App. It provides you a fast way to get the color you like, and also you can put one into your favorites.

*IMMERSIVE GAME EXPERIENCE: The panels integrate with Razer Chroma™ RGB and Overwolf, sensing and visualizing your gaming mood or on-screen activity in real-time. It takes your gaming experience to the next level!

*You can add on up to 12 panels for one adapter.

Service Center:

Yeelight Singapore @ 203 Henderson Road, Wing B #12-08, Singapore 159546

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