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Yeelight Sunset Projection Lamp

Yeelight Sunset Projection Lamp

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At less than $40, this sunset projection lamp from Yeelight is one of the most affordable options. Featuring sunset Red Light, 360° Rotation, 2-stage Adjustable Brightness, it is portable with a rechargeable battery.

With the head design of 360 degree rotation, this lamp can produce different lights from different angles. The shape and size of the halo can also be changed by rotating the lamp, affording endless possibilities. The high-quality ABS material and high transmission glass optical lens produce no unpleasant odor. The COB light source features energy-saving, corrosion resistance, anti-glare, and long service life.

Yeelight is a reasonably-priced quality lamp that can perfectly add a touch of dreamy vibe to your home décor, bringing sunset afterglow to your loved ones at home. With the rechargeable battery and magnetic base, the lamp can be carried anywhere at ease, always ready to touch up your art photos, selfies and streaming. Go get your tripod ready and amp up your selfie game with these Sunset Lamps around!


  • Sunset Red Light
  • 360° Rotation
  • Portable with Rechargeable Battery 
  • 2-stage Adjustable Brightness
  • Magnetic Base



Model Number: YLFWD0006

Item: YEELIGHT Sunset Projection Lamp 

Input Voltage: 5V/1A

Rated Power: 3W 

Lamp Size: 82mm x 82mm x 95mm 

Colour: White 

Light Specifications: 3W | 200 Lumens | 1700K

Package Included:

1 x Yeelight Sunset Lamp
1 x Charging Cable (USB)
1 x User Manual 
2 x Screws

Service Center: 

Yeelight Singapore @ 203 Henderson Road, Wing B #12-08, Singapore 159546


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