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Yeelight Wireless Dimmer (Stick-on)

Yeelight Wireless Dimmer (Stick-on)

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Warranty 1+ 6(months) special: Follow our Facebook: @hostsystems and Instagram: @hostsystemssg for an additional half year of carry-in warranty!

Wireless control for Yeelight Ceiling Lights and Willow Lightstrip:

1. Single press for turn on/off
2. Double press in quick succession for Moon Mode * **
3. While pressing down Turn left or right for change in Hue
4. Turn left or Right without pressing down to adjust brightness of light


* Repeat to exit Moon Mode
** While in Moon Mode, you will not be able to adjust the hue of the light.

Service Center:

Yeelight Singapore @ 203 Henderson Road, Wing B #12-08, Singapore 159546

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